Applications that play cupid

Feb 12, 2012, 08:43 IST | Yolande D'Mello
The online romeo

Heineken wants you to get lucky in love.  Their Facebook application -- The Serenade based on their television advertisement enables consumers and anyone who can click their way through the programme to send humorous personalised songs to potential partners, inviting them on a date. Note, you must be above 25 years of age to use the application.

We tried to serenade a few people on our 'friend' list. While wedding bells aren't sounding just yet, it was good fun to watch an obese man in a tuxedo attempt to woo our object of affection. Depending on the speed of your network connection, you could have more dates than the Gregorian calendar. Choose a friend and answer a few questions like why you like this person, choose from choices that include the 'colour of their aura', then pick a plan for the night from bowling to surfing on lava and justify  what makes you special. 'Because my mother says I'm good looking' worked for us. 

Your personalised love song is available in 20 languages and will be posted on your beau's Facebook wall so everyone knows that they are spoken for. The best part of this application, however, is how it tries to play wingman on your romance. Once we hit send, we were advised in pure Barney Stinson flair that we shouldn't bet on only one horse. So giddy up and spam your friends with sweet nothings, cross your fingers and hope that beer can finally get you a date.

Getting rid of the ex

Have you been  recently dumped by your worthless ex? Are you fed up of seeing mushy updates and pictures of them with someone else on Facebook? There are times when you crave to talk to your ex and get humiliated in the process? Do you wake up to nasty messages and a bad hangover after you got drunk and dialed your ex's number? Are your friends tired of listening to you sulk and finish their alcohol? Do you need closure?

An all-new app called Ex-App, available for download online, blocks you from making outgoing calls, text messages, or emails to your ex until you can resist the temptation to electronically stalk. It also tracks the number of consecutive days that you have stopped contacting your ex to keep you motivated. Don't stress yourself out, let Ex-App keep you from breaking down and help you finally break-up and away from your ex. The only thing you need to be committed this Valentine's Day is your new, single, ex-free life.

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