A self-taught artist, Poonam Agarwal, who has been practising her art for the past six years, is set to exhibit her works in front of Mumbai. Her work titled Transformation — the Kiss of Good Life is about the evolution of the human soul. “A person goes through several experiences to realise the interconnectedness of all beings and the divinity within oneself. I have tried to capture this spiritual journey of the human soul in my paintings,” says Agarwal.

A painting titled Desire for Transformation 

Nature is another subject that is well embodied in her paintings. The bright blues of the sky, the red blossoming of the flowers find place in each of her paintings. “Nature is a divine creation of God. The depth of the flowing water, the immense strength of the mountains, and the purity of the flowers have fascinated me and I have incorporated them in each of my works,” says the 43-year-old artist.

So what made Agarwal choose spirituality as her theme? “Spirituality has always been a part of my life. I decided to paint a subject I connect to and is a part of my thought process,” elaborates the painter.

Agarwal has used bright pinks, reds, blues, purples in many of her works, something she argues, brings a calming effect to her paintings. She has made use of acrylic and water colours and even used pen strokes to impart finishing touches to her work on the canvas.

Her favourite painting, The Gifts, depicts the journey to one’s own soul to realise the unique gifts and treasures bestowed upon each human being. Another painting, Desire for Transformation, emphasises on getting rid of materialistic desires and beginning a journey towards self-realisation.

“Painting is like meditation for me. It comes naturally from within as I associate it with spirituality. I feel revived when I paint my thoughts on the canvas and hence never feel tired,” she says.

When: 11 am to 7 pm, June 21-27
Where: The Leela Art Gallery, Leela Kempinski Hotel, Sahar, Andheri (East)
Call: 66911422