Baku: An Austrian synchronised swimmer seriously injured after being struck by a bus in the athletes' village at the European Games in Baku is in a medically-induced coma with 'serious spinal injuries'.

Fifteen-year-old Vanessa Sahinovic was flown back to the Austrian capital Vienna on Thursday night along with her teammate Luna Pajer, who suffered an elbow injury.

Sahinovic's injuries from the accident are not said to be life-threatening but she suffered multiple broken bones in the incident and, according to the team, doctors say it will take weeks before any possible implications of her injuries are known.

Sahinovic, Pajer and a third athlete, Verena Breit, were walking on a pavement in the athletes' village early on Thursday morning when they were hit by the bus.

Pajer is expected to be released from hospital within the next two days while Breit was able to remain with the rest of the team in Baku.