Director Avinash Arun says he first spotted Parth Bhalerao, who played the lead in his directorial debut 'Killa', while working as a cinematographer on another Marathi film, "Vees Mhanje Vees'.

Avinash Arun
Avinash Arun

Parth's performance as a child struggling with grief and change in 'Killa' earned widespread praise.

"This is the film from which I got my lead actor for Killa, Parth Bhalerao. When I saw Parth on the sets of 'Vees Mhanje Vees', I had in mind, if I would do something, he is the one I'm gonna cast. I got two people from here whom I cast - Parth and Atharva Upasni," said Arun in a statement.

Produced by NFDC India, 'Vees Mhanje Vees', is directed by Uday Bhandarkar and is releasing across Maharashtra with English subtitles on June 10.

The movie stars Mrinmayee Godbole in the lead role along with Rajan Bhise, Arun Nalawade and child stars Parth, Mrunal Jadhav and Mihir Mule.

It tells the story of a young college student, Shailaja, who returns to her native village to reopen the school that her ailing father a retired school teacher had started.