Bappi Lahiri to release new music album

Singer Bappi Lahiri is all set to release a new music video album on the Bengali New Year's day.

Bappi Lahiri
Bappi Lahiri

The king of beats, who had set dance floors on fire with hit songs like "Ramba Ho" and "Koi Yahan Aha Nache Nache" in the 80s through early 90s, said that the album would also be launched in Bangladesh.

Speaking to PTI on the sets of "Phire Asar Gaan", a reality show where he teams up with pop singer Usha Uthup as a judge, Bappi said the lyrics were liked by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

"As I mouthed the lyrics before a 60,000-strong audience in Dhaka recently, Bangladesh premier Sheikh Hasina described the lines as 'amazing'," Bappi said.

The music director said that he also planned to send a short film "Slum stars India", directed by him, to different festivals.

"It is my tribute to the slums which foster the spirit of fightback against odds among its residents. It shows the journey of every struggler with a humble beginning. I plan to send it to different film festivals," he said.

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