Barack Obama may ditch his old BlackBerry for Android

Mar 22, 2014, 03:50 IST | Agencies

Washington: American President Barack Obama has long complained that his job does not allow him the luxury of carrying an iPhone. Prior to his election, Obama owned a personal BlackBerry that was replaced with a custom, highly secured model once he reached office. But, it seems Obama may have the chance to switch to Android before his term concludes.

According to a reputed daily, the White House is currently testing smartphones from Samsung and LG for its internal official use. The White House Communications Agency — which directly oversees Obama’s communications — is taking part in the effort along with an ‘internal technology team.’

These tests are still in the early phase, according to the daily’s source, so Obama won’t be able to drop his long time phone for ‘months’. But, seeing as Obama doesn’t leave office until 2017, there’s a chance BlackBerry may lose its most famous customer before he leaves White House.

The US government was one of BlackBerry’s most reliable sources of income, but as the company’s struggles continue, many agencies have started looking elsewhere.

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