Odd Day Wednesday, which happens only five times in a century, has been picked as the perfect day to tackle the odds and oddities in one's life

Ron Gordon, a retired California science teacher behind Odd Day wants everyone to "be awed by the odd" and the date chosen is either 9/7/2011 or 7/9/2011, with 5/7/9 being the previous odd day, and 9/11/13 being the fifth and last of the century.

"It's a little math, a little smile, a little fun. It's Odd Day," ABC News quoted him as saying.

"They're like calendar comets. You wait and wait and wait for them, and then poof, they're gone. It comes, it sparkles, it shines and then it's gone," he stated.

The Gordon family has even gone to the extent of establishing a contest for odd days with a prize jackpot of 791.10 dollars to be distributed among 7+9+11 winners, meaning 27 winners will walk away with a grand total of 29.30 dollars each.

Past winners of the odd day contest have written poems called "Odd Odes," and one retirement home in the Midwest celebrates every Odd Day by having dessert before dinner.

"I think it's a cute little way for people that don't like math to think, 'I get it. I understand this," Gordon's daughter Rachel said.

The family's next big day is 11/11/11, which has been dubbed as "Once Upon a Day" and will be celebrated with a short-story writing contest and a 111.11 dollars prize to be divided among 11+11+11 winners.

The U.S. and Canada will get a bonus odd day on 11/13/15.