Buying a house, office, or a bungalow in Vasai-Virar Municipal corporation limits? A visit to the municipality is a must from now. The corporation, which became the Planning Authority for this area only in February 2015, has asked all its future buyers to first visit their office, have a look at the plan of the building whether it’s legal or illegal only then buy the house. This, they claim, is being done because now they have realised that builders are selling flats showing permissions that are bogus.

While there isn’t a list that exists, which can confirm the legality of a building in Vasai and Virar, the corporation claims that to make buyers aware that they shouldn’t invest in illegal construction, they have come out with this step. A notice in this regard was issued by the VVMC, and it claims that earlier MMRDA and CIDCO were the planning authorities for this region. Post this, the Municipal Corporation became the planning authority and they do not want any flat buyer to be duped.

“People are coming to this side to stay and invest their hard-earned money. But not all buildings are legal here. This is a caution that is issued from our side. We have requested all homebuyers to come to our office, check the documents which are easily available with us, and if the building in which they plan to invest is legal and has all permissions. Only then they should buy the flat,” said Satish Lokhande, Municipal Commissioner.

On the other hand, the notice categorically states, that buyers still buying flats, without any due diligence, will be doing it at their own risk and, in future, the corporation may demolish the buildings, if they are illegal. The notice reads, “The builders might show permissions, issued for their building from MMRDA, CIDCO or VVMC. However, the buyer should come to the office and verify the documents and check the authenticity of the unit, flat they are purchasing from builders. Only after it’s ascertained the flat they are buying has permissions from competent authority should they buy it.”

While there are many buildings, which residents occupy, and even pay property tax for, the corporation has made it clear that paying property tax doesn’t mean the building is legal.