Being silent: A lesson for Salman Khan

Jul 27, 2015, 07:42 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

After tweeting that Yakub Memon should not be hanged for what Salman Khan says his brother Tiger Memon has done, the actor has retracted his comment and apologised.

Even as protesters converged outside his home and a political storm started brewing, Salman used the social media site to retract his statement and then say that he had not implied that Yakub Memon is innocent. He went on to talk about his faith in the Indian judiciary and said many lives were lost in the Mumbai blasts. In a familiar twist to this tale, his father Salim Khan intervened to say that Salman’s tweets were ridiculous and his son was ignorant about the issue. Salman also tweeted that he was retracting his comment as his father had told him to do so.

In these days of cyber speak, it is good to remember that a loose tweet is like a loose tongue. Both can put you into a tight spot. Salman should have given more thought to the issue before tweeting irresponsibly.

For how long can his family keep bearing the brunt of his immaturity? It is hugely unfortunate that his father or brother have to keep clearing the air because Salman refuses to take responsibility for what he speaks or tweets.

Salman Khan is a 49-year-old man, a superstar who earns his crores. He needs to be so much more responsible in life; he can’t perpetually be the little boy who unknowingly gets into trouble and then expects others to clean up after him. This has been a familiar pattern, whether it has been the court cases, or mistakes in his love life or elsewhere.

How can Salman not know that because of his cult status, his statements whether for good or bad hugely influence youngsters? How can he never think before he tweets or talks? One needs to grow up at least at some time in one’s life. Controversy’s favourite child, Salman, is a child no longer. As an adult, if he can’t stand by what he speaks or tweets, then he must realise the value of the phrase: silence is golden.

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