In a major breakthrough, the anti-robbery cell of Mumbai police solved the murder case of a 60-year-old, with the arrest of a senior citizen at Kannamwar Nagar in Vikhroli.

Police said that Laxmi Dangle (61) allegedly murdered her best friend, relative, and neighbour, Latika Kamble, to steal her gold and cash to pay off a loan of Rs 1,20,000.

Breakthrough: Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy
with the stolen gold ornaments and the stone that was allegedly used
by Laxmi Dangle to kill her best friend Latika Kamble

On September 14, Vikhroli police had found Kamble's body in her fourth-floor flat. There was no evidence to suggest a break-in. Kamble's body had been lain on the bed as if she were sleeping. Latika's son Manoj and daughter Manisha were away at work.

Cops believed it to be the handiwork of someone who knew the area well. "The doors of the flats are close together. Had somebody forcefully entered the house, neighbours would have known," said an officer from Vikhroli police station.

"Laxmibai confessed to the murder. She knew of the 40 tolas of gold and Rs 40,000 cash that Kamble had collected for her children's marriage," said Senior Inspector Praful Bhosale. 

"We never suspected Laxmibai; she is our neighbour and was a very good friend of my mother's," rued Manoj. But Laxmibai's son, Sunil, said, "My mother would not kill her best friend."

Laxmibai allegedly killed Kamble with a stone, which was recovered by the cops. This is the eleventh murder of a senior citizen in the city this year.