Bizarre Beyonce

Jan 10, 2012, 08:06 IST | Special Features

After a very eventful pregnancy, Beyonce's finally delivered. But the sad part is that she's called her baby girl Ivy Blue Carter. However, given her track record for craziness, this doesn't come as a big surprise. CS tells you what makes Beyonce weird:

>> When she was preggars, she craved for bananas dipped in ketchup, pickles and Oreos (together), ice creams with hot chili sauce and croissants with melted chocolate bars inside.

>> She lost over six kilos in 10 days for her role in Dreamgirls with a drastic diet in which she could only drink maple syrup mixed with lemon juice and water.

>> Beyonc � recorded her album B'Day in secret because she knew her manager father would interfere with it.

>> She believes that she has an alter ego called Sasha who's much more fierce than her. She turns into Sasha on stage.

>> Bee, Moth and Juju are the pet names that her friends have given her.

>> She posed in a swamp which was filled with mosquitoes, bees, wasps, armadillos, and an alligator for the cover of her album B'Day. But after she saw the alligator's trainer who had a bloody head, she decided not to pose with it.

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