This competition in South Korea requires its participants to be 'spaced out'!

Dozens of citizens take part in the "space-out" competition on Sunday, in which participants are required to sit idly without talking, sleeping, eating, or using any electronic devices, at a riverside park in Seoul, South Korea.

Space Out competition, Seoul, South Korea
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The competition has gained popularity in South Korea since local artists organised the first edition in Seoul in 2014 as a satire of modern life dominated by social media and smartphones.

Space Out competition, Seoul, South Korea

Space Out competition, Seoul, South Korea

Launched by local activists in 2014, the "space out" competition aims at promoting a stress-free lifestyle by abstaining from utilising electronic gadgets. The official slogan of the contest is 'Relax Your Brain'.

Space Out competition, Seoul, South Korea

Nearly 60 participants from all walks of life spent 90 minutes sitting in a public park doing absolutely nothing or literally 'spacing out'.

Sunday's event was organised by the Seoul city council.

Concerning figures
80%: The percentage from South Koreans who own smartphones
15%: The percentage of South Koreans, who display symptoms of smartphone addiction

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