Chinese boss kisses female staffers
A grab of the kissing video

Bosses have eccentric ways, but this one from China has taken ‘bizarre’ to a different level. The head of a company that sells brewery machinery in Beijing kisses his female staffers every morning.

The company is located at Tongzhou District in Beijing, and more than half of the staff is female. According to a report in People’s Daily, the women in the organisation have to line up between 9:00 and 9:30 am everyday to kiss their boss.

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The explanation given by the company for the same is equally dumbfounding. It claims, the kissing act enhances corporate culture and unites the staff. Initially, there was resistance from the females, but most eventually succumbed to boss’ unfair demand, and line up to kiss their boss everyday.

Two members who refused to follow the chief’s instructions subsequently resigned.