While the occult and black arts are not recognised as plausible cause to take one's life, some Railway Police Force officials believe otherwise.

Bhagwan Panda, an RPF constable, went berserk in the training centre and smashed all the windowpanes in the camp and fled.

The officials then went to his residence, but Panda attacked them like a 'possessed' man. In the scuffle, he sustained injuries and was admitted to the Railway Hospital.

He allegedly jumped from the second floor of the hospital and was rushed to KEM hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

According to the cops, Panda was mentally disturbed and was under pressure in the line of duty.

Commenting on Panda's death, one of the seniors stated, "I was informed by his family members that somebody had cast a black magic spell on Panda and hence he jumped off the hospital bldg."

Panda was earlier posted at Panvel railway station and was assigned to guard a consignment worth Rs 90,000. After the consignment went missing, Panda was blamed for the robbery. However, once the cargo was discovered, Panda was awarded a promotion and was sent to Solhapur, the official said.

"It was during his training period that one night, Panda went berserk and smashed all the windowpanes and other glass items in the camp, injuring few of his mates, and fled the camp," added the official.

RPF officers added that while walking on the second floor of the hospital building, Panda jumped off and injured himself.

The Byculla police have registered an Accidental Death Report in this matter.