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With a mutual love for all things fashion, Mumbai-based Priya Sharma and Jeannette de Souza have launched their labour of love, Bare in Black, for the style-conscious

Recently, Priya Sharma and Jeannette de Souza launched Bare in Black, an all-black range of notable wardrobe essentials. “The idea behind Bare in Black was to create an all-black range that speaks to the modern woman looking for comfort without compromising on design,” says Sharma, who is the creative mind behind the brand.

Priya Sharma and Jeanette de Souza
Priya Sharma and Jeanette de Souza

Having moved to Mumbai in 2012 from Canada, Sharma, armed with a degree in business marketing and fashion design, was focussed on starting a fashion label. On the other hand, Jeannette de Souza (born in Germany, and then moved to Venezuela) landed in Mumbai in 2008, had the same dream. The two women decided to take this forward.

Outfits from the label, Bare in Black
Outfits from the label, Bare in Black

“Jeannette had always wanted to explore footwear while I was keen to launch a line of T-shirts, but when we came together, our ideas started flowing and Bare in Black was born,” reveals Sharma. The brand will offer an entirely black collection with a range of tops and skirts as well as dresses, and a smaller selection of gowns. De Souza apprises, “We have a workshop in Bandra and everything is created in-house.” The duo is looking at an age bracket of 20 to 45 years as their target audience and have tried to concentrate on a line that can be mixed and matched and offers easy-to-wear wardrobe staples.

As far as offering something different is concerned, Sharma informs, “Having both moved to Mumbai from other countries, we felt there was a lack of good quality basics and separates. Our brand intends to bridge the gap between casual and couture.”

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