Bollywood actor accuses Mumbai housing society of mental harassment


37-year-old Inaamulhaq, known for his roles in Bollywood films 'Airlift', 'Jolly LLB-2', 'Filmistan' and 'Firaaq', has filed a complaint against a housing society in Versova for subjecting him and his family to mental harassment. The actor claims the management of Deepti Shakri Mukti (DSM) housing society in Versova’s Kalyan complex denied him a rented flat, without providing a valid reason for it.

According to Financial Express, Inaamulhaq says he was first asked to provide proof that he had a wife and children in order to obtain a rented flat in the premises. He had some difficulty fulfilling this request since his wife and kids were out of town for summer holidays.

Despite managing to get them to return, he was however unable to secure an appointment fopr a meeting with the society on three occasions.

He further stated that the flat's owner, which he wished to rent, an elderly woman named Fatima Plumber (78) was specifically instructed to not rent out a flat to him.

Inaamulhaq feels this was because he approached a local MLA for intervention, after the society's management alleged high-handed attitude irked him. The inability to meet the society's committee members in order to allow him to shift to a new rented flat, led him to file a complaint with the police.

The charges made by Inaamulhaq have been rubbished by members of the housing society.

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