Bombay Bassment gets a funky makeover

Two tracks into Bombay Bassment’s new album, Bombay Bassment x FUNC VIP, and we find ourselves bopping on our creaky office chair. These guys sure know how to make you dance! The album, which is a redux of their 2014 self-titled album, has a new funky sound, thanks to the collaboration with electronic producer Randolph Correia, who brings the func to Shaa’ir + Func.

The band itself is made up of Robert Omulo, aka Bobkat, (vocals) Levin Mendes (drums), Ruell Barretto (bass) and Chandrashekhar Kunder, (samples/percussion). Our favourites are Midnight VIP and Represent VIP, which actually make us feel like we are in Goa, sipping some wine, and attending a sundowner, even as we sip a cutting on our desk in hot Mumbai. And isn’t that lovely? As the album progresses, it picks up beat with Hip Hop (Never Be The Same) and Mo Faya VIP, and we are now seeing flashing lights and disco balls.

Bombay Bassment x FUNC VIP releases on June 1 on iTunes for R100
Bombay Bassment x FUNC VIP releases on June 1 on iTunes for R100

What’s great is that the redux keeps with Bassment’s original drum n bass, reggae sound, just giving it that slight funky edge, that makes the music even groovier. It slows down a bit with Reggae Revolution VIP. All and all, we loved it and have decided to make it the soundtrack to our strut down these dusty streets. Get it now!



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