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Dumbbell alarm clocks that need to be lifted to stop its incessant ringing, limited-edition comic sculptures and USB ports in eclectic shapes are up for grabs -- is an online gift portal that is a godsend for the impulsive, offbeat shopper

One of the ironies that shopaholics often face is the ability to buy on a whim while being short changed at other times, when in need of a genuine buy. Online web store promises to cater to both needs.
It runs in the family Launched in February this year, the site was conceptualised by the Bengaluru-based father-son duo -- Kishan and Rohit Chhabria. For this, they applied the principles learned from their earlier gifting venture -- a B2B (business to business) corporate gifting company, Surfin Gifts & Premiums, that has been around for 25 years now.

Jeff's Taxi Cab book shelf, (Right) Magwheel desktop coasters

The range of products on the site has been broadly divided into 10 categories including Impulse Gifts, Brain Teasers, Quirky Gifts and Limited Edition series. Sourced from various European countries as well as Hong Kong, Japan and China, the products combine a functional purpose while possessing a funky appearance.

Bridge the gap
"There was a huge gap between what was available in the market and the consumer's needs, which is where we step in. Since India is still a touch-feel economy where people prefer to have a feel of the product before buying, a month back we opened our first gift store in Bengaluru. The plan is to open outlets in Chennai and Mumbai in the near future," shares Rohit.

He adds that the challenge is to grab eyeballs by keeping the product range 'fresh' as they are not a typical gift shop and can't fall back on mainstream products including perfume, greeting cards and flower options.

Pick of the lot
We were piqued as we browsed through their online catalogue. Their unusual clocks which come embedded in a tram, potty, dirt rider bike and even sardine / strawberry cans caught our eye. The Dream Buster range includes a dumbbell-shaped alarm clock that doesn't stop buzzing until it's lifted 30 times: your ideal
6 am workout.

Collectors can splurge on the handpainted Limited Edition series which includes comic sculptures of milk / pizza trucks, bullet racing cars and even a New York taxi cab replica bookshelf that is split in the middle to accommodate several books. Being one-of-a-kind, they come with an autograph of the artist and an authentication card. You can jazz up your desktop with their range of Magwheel-shaped coasters or rev up your roadie spirit with a motorbike mini-tank clock.

Game hunters can check out their crystal puzzles, which come in the shape of an apple or a heart and need to be assembled together. Gizmo lovers can trip on the USB fridge, which can cool your beer while its logged on to your PC or the USB Green House, which lets you grow real plants and includes marigold seeds to get you started.
And before we forget, it also has a watering reminder calendar and a growth status monitor to boot.
While their range of ethnic products may be sparse, Rohit believes it's what sets them apart from the clutter: "Tons of sites offer handicrafts. In contrast, we fall under a niche segment that sells globally-sourced artefacts at affordable prices. There's something for everyone."

Call: 08025549356
Log on to:
Cost: Rs 150 to Rs 5,000

Shipping is free across the country and they will soon have a pay-on-delivery option.



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