One such product from yesteryear, which I stumbled upon, albeit with a cool twist, is the boombox. While the iPod changed the idea of portable music in light-as-air devices, youth from the 1970s and ’80s had to lug around bulky portable stereos for their music fix.

On a trip to Crawford Market, I spotted a carry-all bag thathad a boombox print on it. On checking with the shopkeeper, I discovered that the bag had working speakers attached to it, and could actually serve as a blaster with your phone or Mp3 player connected to it! The speakers run on batteries and are loud enough to make heads turn.

The bag works well for a weekend escape, and is big enough to carry a change of clothes, even as it belts out tunes. Better still, just let the music play in full blast as you stride Mumbai’s streets, and leave passersby confused!