Bowled over by Bebo

Sep 07, 2011, 09:19 IST | Special Features
Kareena Kapoor seems to have an ardent fan in Salman Khan, who's quite gaga about the actress. He tells CS, "Kareena is a lovely girl.

I have done around 14 films with Lolo, so I have known Bebo from a really long time. Both the girls, Lolo and Bebo are like family to me.

I need not say much about Kareena, the actor. Everyone knows that she is one of powerhouse performers in the industry.

We had a blast working together. It was a lot of fun on the sets where the entire team ate as well as worked out together.

Contrary to what people believe, Bebo does eat properly and heartily." Nice to see that Sallu isn't being monosyllabic this time round!

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