Bowling maidens over

His shy smile, good-boy haircut and his style on and off the field make Rahul Dravid a hit with his female fans. But the cricketer seems quite unaware of his charm. He doesn't even make too much effort to look stylish. The cricketer who is enjoying a partial retirement talks to CS about his style statement:

Keeping it simple
I am a simple guy. I don't wake up in the morning and start worrying about what shirt I should be wearing and what shades I should sport. I wear whatever I can get my hands on in the wardrobe. I have never been very fashion-conscious, but, yes, I like to look presentable. And that is the reason why I have always had well-kept hair and a clean shaven look.

Fielding fashion
Cricket is a gentleman's game and hence fashionable. People have always followed the sport and our fashion on and off the fieldĀ -- from donning the team's jersey to imitating Sachin's hairstyle. And since cricketers these days are constantly in the media glare, they have to pay a little more attention to their game and their appearance. The T-20 format has drawn many female fans to the sport and hence there's a lot of focus on looking good now. Unlike before, IPL jerseys are now being designed by top fashion designers. Cricket is definitely becoming more stylish than ever before.

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