Theni: A 16-year-old boy, who was sold as bonded labourer to a sugarcane farm in Muzzafar taluk in Uttar Pradesh was rescued by police of this district on a complaint from his mother, police said today.

Santhosh Kumar a plus-one student, had left his house in after his mother reprimanded him for not scoring well in the quarterly examination on November 5. A stranger who met him at the Dindigul bus stand had taken him to a broker, who had sold him to a snack company.

The boy who joined company had stayed in Karur for some time and had left for Delhi from there he was noticed by another broker and sold to a sugar cane farmer. The boy had worked upto 16 hours in the farm and felt exhausted by the work.

He had called his mother from the mobile phone of a fellow worker and informed her about his place of work. The SP Mahesh contacted the Katholi SP in UP and sought his help to rescue the boy.

The local police rescued him from the sugarcane farm and handed him over to the Janpath police station from where the Chinnamanoor police rescued the boy and handed him over to his parents at the sub court in Uttamapalayam, police said.