Ushadevi Mishra, with a lock of her daughter Bharati's hair, that had been chopped off. Pic/ Pradeep Dhivar

The mystery scissorhands seems to be roaming the city, with the latest hair-chopping incident happening in Kurla. Bharati Mishra, 30, who lives in the Kamani area, woke up on Sunday morning to find a lock of her hair lying on her pillow. 

Usha Devi Mishra, 64, Bharati's mother, said, "I was busy with my household chores when my daughter woke up around 6 am and screamed. She had found that her hair had been chopped off and lying on her pillow. She fell to the ground unable to
understand what had happened.

There is no way for anyone to enter our house, except through the door, which was locked. We are shocked that such a thing has happened to us." She said Bharati has been suffering from a high fever since the incident.

Bharati is the sole breadwinner of the family and washes vehicles for a living. Usha said, "We visited the Ghatkopar police station, but they just took down our names and address and did nothing."