British man kills friend for 'poking' his girlfriend on Facebook

Oct 06, 2014, 12:14 IST | IANS

London: A British man has been sent to jail for killing his friend because he "poked" his girlfriend on Facebook.

Scott Humphrey, 27, punched 29-year-old Richard Rovetto to death in a cab on their way back from a boys' night out, reported.

Humphrey allegedly hit Rovetto so hard that he fell and banged his head on the floor.

According to the cab driver, "Humphrey was accusing Rovetto of contacting his girlfriend in the past and doing so via Facebook".

Rovetto replied back, saying he was unaware of Humphrey's relationship with the woman.

Humphrey will spend the next four years and four months of his life in jail, the report added.

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