Doctors say that the potholed ride towards the maternity home, unknowingly built adequate pressure inside the womb to safely deliver a healthy baby girl

While potholes have left most of the Mumbaikars with sore backs, broken limbs, miscarriages and at times even loss of innocent lives, Rekha Chaudhari, a 25-year-old Ulhasnagar resident, owes her 'safe delivery' to a stretch of one such pathetic road.

Fortunate: Rekha Chaudhari with her new-born

Rekha, who was on her way to Ulhasnagar Central Maternity Home in Camp number IV with her husband Shankar, delivered a healthy baby girl en route. According to the doctors, the jerks that Rekha received while travelling in an autorickshaw on a stretch of pothole-ridden road unknowingly helped her build adequate pressure inside the womb to safely push the baby out.

The scene
Rekha started experiencing labour pain in the wee hours of Monday morning following which Shankar immediately arranged for a rickshaw, so that she could be shifted to the maternity home. But before the Chaudharis could safely reach the hospital, the bumpy ride miraculously aided Rekha to safely deliver the baby girl. Rekha said, "I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and my husband owns a grocery shop in Subhash Tekdi. I was scared after the auto started wobbling over every pothole. My husband tried supporting me, so that I could remain steady and don't harm the baby. I am happy that my child is safe." Here, Shankar added, "It's a miracle. Every time the vehicle passed over a pothole, I had my heart in my mouth. Thankfully, God was with us."

It's a miracle
The route to Subhash Tekdi via Kamnai Road, which the Chaudharis were plying on, is ridden with potholes. Every time the auto driver would hit a pothole, the couple cursed him. However, now they can't stop thanking him. "The potholes built pressure on Rekha's womb. The jerks, in fact, helped her to push the baby out of the womb. It was the father who caught the baby and rushed them to the hospital," said Nanda Sawant, Dean of the hospital.

"We immediately took Rekha and the baby to the surgery room and cut the umbilical cord. The baby weighs around 2.75 kgs. Both, the mother and the child, are doing well."