Call girl quarrel leads to murder

Nov 17, 2011, 06:55 IST | Imran Gowhar
Two call girls from rival brothels got into a dispute last week, which led to a local financier being brutally murdered by a local goon in Basaveshwar Nagar on Sunday.

Tommy invited Kumar for a drink at Benaka Bar in Basaveshwar Nagar on Sunday on the pretext of reaching a middle ground, but then he and his associates hacked the unsuspecting victim to death

The victim, Vijay Kumar (26), was a frequent visitor to a brothel where he developed a casual relationship with Gayatri as she used to entertain him regularly, while Tommy alias Jagga, the local goon, used to visit Lakshmi regularly at her brothel.

Money matters
Kumar used to provide finance to autorickshaw drivers in the area and also had a group of recovery agents to do his collections.

Lakshmi and Gayatri has a heated argument and the former threatened the latter with dire consequences and even said that she could bump her off with the help of her client, Tommy. Gayatri complained to Kumar about Lakshmi's threat, who in turn warned Tommy to stay away from her.
This did not go down well with Tommy and he invited Kumar for a drink at Benaka Bar in Basaveshwar Nagar on Sunday to compromise. However, Tommy's associates were laying in wait and they hacked Kumar to death.

Quick action
Based on a tip off, the Basaveshwar Nagar police managed to nab the gang of five, led by Tommy, and seized the weapons used in the crime.

The other accused have been identified as Venkatesh, (25), Ram Kumar (19), Kulle Gowda, (31) and Manjunath (28).

"The accused have been remanded to judicial custody and we have made both the sex workers as approvers in this case," a police official said. The cops are currently on the lookout for some autorickshaw drivers, who are involved in the murder.

"We suspect that the accused have availed loans from Kumar and supported Tommy in bumping him off in order to avoid repayment," Inspector Geetha Kulkarni, Basaveshwar Nagar police station said.

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