Camerons commit royal faux pas

UK Prime Minister David Cameron proved that even prime ministers can get caught out by royal protocol when he and wife Samantha committed a faux pas at yesterday's Braemar Gathering.

The Camerons, who are guests of the Queen at Balmoral Castle this weekend, failed to make it into the royal box in time to sing the national anthem.

Busy greeting guests, David and Samantha Cameron,
were unable to make it to the royal box in time and
had to sing the national anthem from the sidelines

The couple were so busy meeting and greeting guests at the annual Highland games in Aberdeenshire, they missed the royals' formal entrance and were forced to sing from the sidelines.

An onlooker said, "They looked a little embarrassed. The royal party arrived together but soon split up to shake hands.

The Queen went ahead and before the Camerons knew it, she was in the royal box facing the crowd. Suddenly the national anthem started, before the Camerons could get to their seats.
They were forced to sing there, which made them look awkward.

Obama's gaffe
US President Barack Obam also made a royal faux pas in the past, raising his toast to the Queen while the national anthem played in the background.

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