Can a fish cure Asthma?

New Delhi: The gospel of 'faith can certainly cure everything' exactly fits into the asthma cure through fish in the city of Hyderabad where in the month of June, thousands of people gather for traditional treatment of the chronic disease.

In Hyderabad, a local family has been distributing their Bathini Fish Medicine to the patients for the last 170 years. It is administered by the Bathini Goud family. This treatment was started by Veeranna Goud in 1845. The secret formula of herbs for the therapy has been passing on generation to generation for the past 170 years.

Bathini Fish Medicine

The method of taking the medicine is a bit different. But can swallowing a live fish be stuffed with a yellow herbal paste cure asthma?

They push herbal paste mixed with well water into the mouth of 5-8cm long live murrel fish and then make the patients swallow. But one must follow a strict diet for the next 45 days.

The Indian Medical Association analysed the samples of the paste. Though treatment was found to have no medicinal value, the samples were not harmful.

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