Can Shiney shoot a gun, wonders Mishra

Director Sudhir Mishra is serious about reviving actor Shiney Ahuja's career, after the actor was sentenced to seven years RI for rape. He is currently out on bail.

Work on Hitman is on in full-swing. The script, which was written two years ago, has been updated, taking into view all the changes in the genre of action cinema, since then.

Says a source, "So many films about assassins and hitmen have been released in the past few years. Sudhir wants Shiney to play a gritty hitman."

Ahuja said he has has hit the gym. "I resumed going to my old gym recently. Yes, I need to get back into shape.
I was very apprehensive about how my old gym associates and colleagues would react to my appearance. In fact they were eager to make me feel at home."

However, a major snag has surfaced in the making of the film.

"Shiney plays an assassin and would need to be trained in handling various types of ammunition. Given his legal status, Sudhir now wonders if Shiney would be allowed to fire bullets from real guns, albeit blank ones."

When contacted Mishra said, "Yes ,there are some practical and legal problems that have to be sorted out before Shiney does Hitman.
But I am very clear about the fact that this script and role are for Shiney. I will make it only with him."

"Let's not judge Shiney. Unfortunately in the entertainment industry tameez (decorum) is mistaken for darr (fear). I'll go by what my heart tells me," Mishra added.

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