Can you holiday without your smartphone?

Washington: If you are planning your next holiday, apart from your passport and travel money, do not forget to carry your smartphone with you.

Can you holiday without your smartphone?
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A research claims that 69 per cent of Britons are unable to go on holiday without their smartphones. Moreover, a third of those surveyed actually use their smartphones more when they travel than they do at home.

“While 89 per cent take their smartphones away with them, 90 per cent said they felt keeping devices with them on holiday actually enhanced their travel experience,” claimed the survey done by a global travel firm and a market research firm.

In fact, 26 per cent did research work for their holiday destinations using their smartphone. While 42 per cent planned their holidays in bed, 12 per cent used their bathroom to plan it, the findings revealed. And, over 17 per cent used their smartphone apps to manage an itinerary for the holiday.

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