An Italian man, who had been living in a rented house in Dublin, was recently taken into custody after he claimed to have devoured his landlord's heart in a fit of rage over a game of chess.

Hatke news: 'Cannibal' arrested for eating 'landlord's heart` over chess game
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According to the Belfast Telegraph, Saverio Bellante told the police that he and Tom O’Gorman had been fighting over a chess move, when he saw red and killed his 39-year-old landlord, reported.

Bellante, 34, alleged that he had opened O’Gorman’s chest cavity after stabbing him multiple times with a kitchen knife and then ate his heart.

However, a source told the daily newspaper that the victim’s heart was intact, but the post-mortem confirmed that a lung was removed from the body and has not been located.

Bellante had been living at O’Gorman’s house for the past few months and working for a pharmaceutical company.