Kitsch is a permanent fixture in the fashion scene, not just in India, but around the world, and somehow, we have always been attracted to anything that has a kitschy design edge.

Hand painted wooden table top (Rs 1,500)

In our recent retail hunt, we stumbled upon Kitsch-ri, the brainchild of Gurgaon-based artist Sanam Sud Edwards that offers clay and wooden products with eclectic and vibrant designs.

A wooden spoon / knife stand (Rs 1,200)

Edwards maintains that each artefact — from money banks, flower pots to tables — is unique and no design is ever repeated. Every piece is carefully conceptualised and then painstakingly handpainted to produce a work of original art.

A hand painted drift wood candle holder (Rs 1,000)

We specifically liked the use of bold colours and the intricate designs. Give your house an earthy touch with these pieces!

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