Casualties rushed to Sion, KEM hospitals

At KEM hospital, two construction workers — identified as Ajay (25) and Lallu Khan (23) — were brought in with multiple injures. While Ajay sustained injuries to his right eyebrow and chin, Khan sustained fractures on his hand and spine.

Rescued: Locals help take the injured to the hospital. The victims have mostly sustained fractures and deep cuts. Pics/Shadab Khan

Another worker Feroze Khan, who accompanied them, said, “Both Ajay and Lallu were on day shift, and after their shift finished at 8 pm, they were resting under the bridge. I was on night duty and was on the bridge filling concrete, when the accident occurred.”

Sion hospital

Dashrad Deba (27): Head injury, blunt chest trauma
Mangal Mandal (25): Head injury and multiple wounds
Bhirender (30): Head injury and fractured leg
Raju (35): Fractured thigh
Abhijit (23): Pelvic fracture

KEM hospital
Ajay (25): Deep cuts on chin and right eyebrow
Lallu Khan (23): Fractured hand and back injury 

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