7 celeb quick-fix secrets for the party season

Who better to give us a tip or two on how to look our best, than those who make a living of it! From Dame Mirren's instant tummy-tuck trick to Brad Pitt's multi-purpose wipes, here's some celeb beauty advice that will help you look better in an instant. Just remember not to ditch those New Year's resolutions, next time around

Tyra Banks uses petroleum jelly
This American model knows a thing or two about looking good. And if there's one thing she can't do without, it's Vaseline.

Pics/ AFP

Before she tucks in at night, and after washing and moisturising her face, Tyra applies a few gobs of the petroleum jelly underneath her eyes to keep the under-eye area well hydrated.

Helen Mirren's instant tummy- tuck trick
Dame Helen Mirren has played the Queen and rocked a red bikini, both while in her sixties! Her trick to looking slim in an instant?

Hold your stomach in. 'I do, by nature, hold my tummy in. I think it comes from being on stage. You are aware of your posture,' she claims. Coming from someone who looks as good as she does, who are we to argue!

Gwyneth Paltrow wears body control pants
The Oscar-winner, who was recently in the news regarding claims that her intense yoga training made her look 'boxy', has an instant-slimming trick in her wardrobe. 

Spanks. Paltrow, admittedly, squeezed into not one, but two pairs post the birth of baby Apple. 'It's a great trick... they are like bike shorts, and they just squeeze you in.'

Fergie zaps zits with toothpaste
Currently on a 'baby-break' Stacy Ann Ferguson has a sure-fire zit-survival tip. Toothpaste.

'I just dot it on the spots, and they dry up!' she claims. Amen to that!

Matt Damon runs for an hour everyday
Okay, so this is not an instant-fix. But then the journey to killer-bod status, never is. But if you do need inspiration, know this, it's just as tough for the stars to stay in shape, as it is for us.

Don't believe us? This is what Damon has to say about that one hour that he spends running. 'It's dreadful.' No pain, no gain, huh, buddy!

Christina Aguilera wears three pairs of false eyelashes
When this 'Dirrty' singer and actress wants to make goo-goo eyes at fans and photogs, she makes sure she wears, not one, but three pairs of false lashes.

Make-up experts claim that luscious lashes can make eyes appear bigger and fuller and are a great way to draw attention to the face.

Brad-the-Dad-Pitt uses baby wipes
It's no secret that fatherhood has changed the soon-to-be 48-year-old (he celebrates his birthday on the 18th of this month).

The man who gets to play house with none other than girlfriend Angelina Jolie and their brood of six always keeps a pack of baby wipes at hand. When he's on baby duty and has no time to take a shower, all he does is a wipe a wipe under sweaty armpits to keep himself smelling as fresh as a... baby!

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