A tall, buxom blonde, who allegedly offered sex in desperate need'' for World Series baseball tickets through an online advert, has been acquitted after a two-year-long legal battle.

In 2009, Susan Finkelstein posted an advert on online listings website Craigslist in which she described herself as a ''gorgeous, tall, buxom blonde... in desperate need'' of the tickets.

Police spotted the advert and an undercover officer responded, agreeing to meet her in a bar to offer her a pair of tickets, reports the Daily Mail.

Police alleged that Finkelstein who met with the officer in October 2009 had offered to perform sexual acts in exchange for tickets to see the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees, which she denied.

She stood trial at Bucks County Court in Pennsylvania last year and was acquitted of prostitution but convicted of attempted prostitution, CBS News reports.

However, the state Superior Court overturned the conviction and yesterday ruled that since she had been cleared of the more serious prostitution count, she could not be convicted of attempted prostitution.

Her lawyer William Brennan said his client was ''elated'' by the ruling.