Chinese 'car-hit' toddler close to 'brain dead'

A two-year-old girl who was run over by two vehicles in Foshan in China's Guangdong province last week, remained close to brain dead as donations poured in for her and her rescuer

"Her situation somewhat meets the standard of brain death," the China Daily quoted someone at the General Hospital of the Guangzhou Military Command of the People''s Liberation Army, as saying.

"We can say she is close to brain dead, but her pain reflex is very sensitive, which is the only feature not matching brain death," he added.

There are a lot of possibilities in the development of her situation, but as of now, she remains in critical condition, Su Lei, Director of the intensive care unit of the hospital, said. 

Meanwhile, donations have reportedly started to pour in for Yue Yue and her rescuer, the 57-year-old woman who moved the girl to the side of the road and shouted for her parents after the accident.

Following the accident, Chinese media and Internet users had slammed people of Foshan city, saying that they lack morality for overlooking the toddler after being left bleeding by the side of a road after being hit-and-run over by a car.

The incident, captured by a surveillance camera and aired by Southern Television Guangdong (TVS), showed a girl being hit by a white van on a narrow market street in Foshan on the afternoon of October 13. 

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