Chinese MMA fighter Yang Jian Bing dies due to dehydration

Dec 14, 2015, 07:35 IST | AFP

Manila: Mixed martial arts fighter Yang Jian Bing of China died after collapsing from severe dehydration in his attempt to make the weight for a flyweight bout in the Philippine capital.

Yang Jian Bing
Yang Jian Bing

Organisers, One Championship, said that the 21-year-old had been pronounced dead at a Manila hospital from cardiopulmonary failure on Friday, hours before the scheduled fight.

"Yang, a native of China was hospitalised at the San Juan De Dios Hospital... after a sudden collapse on the morning of 10 December 2015," said a statement on the organisers' website on Sunday.

Attempt to make weight
The statement did not say what caused the collapse of Yang who last fought in June. On Friday, One Championship had said in a separate statement that Yang's fight with a Filipino flyweight "has been cancelled due to Yang's severe dehydration from attempting to make weight".

It said the Chinese fighter was suspected to have suffered from "dehydration and suspected heat stroke" and had been taken to hospital to undergo "intensive dehydration treatment".

The One Championship website home page was partly blacked out with a one-line announcement: "In Loving Memory of Yang Jian Bing (1994-2015)."

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