Chetan Bhagat gets jittery before every book release. So this time around, just before the big day, he went to Thailand for some quick yoga detox and rejuvenation. A relaxed and composed Chetan talks to CS about his new book on corruption:

Writer's block
I don't consider myself to be a literary writer, I just write on current issues. When I was working on this book, there was a lot of pressure on me to bring out another bestseller. But a lot of my stress disappeared when the Anna Hazare movement picked up. I knew that the timing of my book was right.

A new chapter
I think it is very important to take care of your mind to keep yourself from getting stressed out and falling into a writer's block. Being a full-time writer is a hard job, because there's a lot of self-imposed pressure. And my twins keep saying, 'Dad, you don't have a job, still you're always busy.' So now that this book is out, I'm going to take things slower. I'm heading to New York with Anusha (wife) in a few days and then planning another vacation with the kids in December.

Finding the middle ground
The Indian reader has changed in many ways. Till now, reading hadn't been a favourite past-time for Indians, but that's changing. But what I find unfortunate is that there are only two types of readers in India, the serious, literary ones and the easy, pop ones like me. I'm now trying to graduate to the middle. I do think like a businessman, but that doesn't mean that I lack sincerity in what I do.