Cinema and the city

Alliance Francaise de Bombay along with Vikalp present twostirring films focused on Mumbai, Bangalore and its many layers. The first, Ika (The Feather) by Raam Reddy is a Telugu film set in a slum in Bangalore where one of its residents, a young boy called Rajesh wishes to make a film though he doesn’t have a camera. Using raw and used material from around him he manages to realise his dream along with his¬†friend, Prashant.

Poster of Ika (The Feather)

The second, Ghar Amcha Haq (A home is my right) is a tri-lingual (English, Hindi, Marathi) documentary by Ashutosh Pathak with interviews by Chatura Rao about the thousands of slum dwellers in the city. Set in Khar East it looks at the plight of those who face illegal demolition of their homes and must fight corruption at different levels. The filmmaker, Ashutosh Pathak, will be present for a discussion.

Ghar Amcha Haq deals with the plight of slum dwellers in the city

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