Colouring Mumbai with some chalks

Feb 13, 2012, 08:39 IST | Avantika Patil
Now everyone can have their five-minute-fame by posing next to Madhuri Dixit. Well, not literally, but it feels like so when you take a look at the huge 3D chalk painting of the actress done by artist Tracy Lee Stum. Tracy, who was in Mumbai as part of a 3D Street Painting India Tour, organised by the US Consulate of India, talks to CS about her art:

Filmy fan
Globally, 3D street art is a very big phenomenon and is picking up like a rage. While in India, especially in Mumbai I wanted to make sure that I give my painting a Bollywood touch. Drawing Madhuri Dixit was the right choice. She is a public figure and a global identity too. People can easily relate to her.

Drawing inspirations
Fifteen years ago, I visited the Santa Barbara Madonnari Festival and saw a few artists painting there. The art form was interesting and inspired me. For the first few years, it was just my hobby. But with time, I started participating and winning in various competitions worldwide. From the last six years, it has become my passion and full-time work.

Beyond 3D
After exploring and mastering, the 3D world, I am now venturing into the 4D spectrum with my next project. This project will be a path-breaking innovation in the art field. I am trying to give the street art lovers the-touch-and-feel experience by making use of technology like virtual reality software, projection, etc. I will be out with it soon.


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