Now that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has finished its swearing-in and Devendra Fadnavis has taken oath as CM of Maharashtra, the time for debates and controversies hopefully is over.

Post its win in the Vidhan Sabha elections and the consequent brouhaha about going with Shiv Sena or without, going with NCP or not or whatever; all that tumult has finally ended, thankfully for the bewildered Mumbaikar too.

As the dust settles on Wankhede, site of the swearing-in, the BJP might be excused for some quiet moments of reflection and satisfaction. From the Lok Sabha to the Vidhan Sabha, it has been a spectacular run for the BJP.

The wins have magnified a 100 times over because of the high visibility television age that we live in. High voltage, megawatt publicity campaigns have won the day for the party. Just like Modi has a huge responsibility to deliver as PM and prove that all his post poll rhetoric was not just words, now the man in the State’s chair has his work cut out for him.

Fadnavis of course, has not been high-profile through the campaign. A large part of the Vidhan Sabha win was about allies, in-fighting and who would be CM instead of promises. Now, though Fadnavis has been elected, he has to realise that there are humungous expectations of him. Now is the time for him to deliver and in an age of instant gratification, the clock has already started ticking. He has so much to do including pulling out a debt-ridden state from the morass that it is in.

Tangibles and intangibles need to be achieved, so that all those who pushed their doubt and cynicism aside, took a gamble on a new government in the Vidhan Sabha, feel vindicated. Today, the people do not want to know about who one’s allies are or not. Who has got how many seats and whether one Minister or the other is satisfied or disgruntled at a portfolio. What they want is aggressive action and corruption rooted out. Celebrations and congratulations are over. Your time starts now, Mr. CM.