Congress ideology 'fatal' for country: Baba Ramdev

Surat: Yoga teacher Ramdev criticised the Congress on the Ram temple issue, claiming that its leaders always tried to project Lord Ram and Krishna as fictional characters.

Commenting on the recent controversy surrounding Ram temple construction as stones were taken to Ayodhya, he said every country in the world preserves religious and historical structures.

"Lord Ram is not a political issue for us Indians. Ram is our faith, our culture, our pride and our soul. And all the countries and religions always preserve their sacred religious structures and important historical structures," Ramdev told mediapersons here today.

"It our misfortune that as per Congress's ideology, Lord Ram and Krishna are just imaginary characters. They believe that Aryans are outsiders and were born outside the country.

This belief of a political party is very unfortunate. "This Congress ideology about Lord Ram, Ram temple, Ram Setu and Aryan race is fatal for this country," he added.

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