Costa Concordia souvenirs on eBay

Mementos from disaster liner Costa Concordia are up for sale on eBay -- including a one euro casino chip for �1,140 (Rs 90,000).

A seller called gkaac from US, set the 'buy-it-now' price -- and is also inviting bids from $900 (Rs 45,000).

Other items for sale include a model of the ship for $199 (Rs 9,800)) and a book for $110 (Rs 5,400).

Meanwhile the ship's doctor yesterday said 'Captain Coward' Francesco Schettino took time to change out of his uniform before fleeing the liner -- which sank, claiming at least 17 lives.

Lt Gianluca Marino Cosentino said, "When I heard he'd returned to his cabin to collect his personal effects, that was the final straw."

Officials yesterday called off the underwater search for the bodies of 15 people still missing.

Schettino is being probed for manslaughter, abandoning ship and wrecking the liner off Italian isle Giglio.
-- Agencies

Captain Schettino faces 19 charges
A group of 19 German tourists has filed criminal charges against Francesco Schettino, captain of the stricken Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, said a prosecutor in Germany. "Charges have been filed and they must now be examined," said Christian Kuhnert, a prosecutor in Bochum, western Germany. A lawyer for the group, Hans Reinhardt, was quoted as saying his clients were filing charges "on suspicion of negligent bodily harm, abandonment, endangering shipping and failure to offer assistance to persons in danger."



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