Couple ties the knot at hospital, by TB-stricken father's bedside

Jan 10, 2014, 12:42 IST | Jayashree Vora

After doctors told Vrajalal Shah's family that he might not live to see his son's wedding on February 3, they arranged for the ceremony to take place inside his hospital room.

Shah’s son Ravi and daughter-in-law Dimple take his blessing after the ceremony
Shah’s son Ravi and daughter-in-law Dimple take his blessing after the ceremony

If Shah can’t come to the marriage, the marriage must come to Shah. Vrajalal Shah, who is battling for life at 76, had elaborate plans for his younger son’s wedding, which was originally scheduled for February 3. Two days ago, however, he had to be admitted to Nidhi Hospital, located near Patel Nagar in Kandivli (W). He had contracted tuberculosis.

Doctors told his family, in no uncertain terms, that Shah might not live to see the day. His condition is fragile and leaving the hospital premises to attend a small ceremony would also have been risky. So, his family members decided to perform his 28-year-old son’s wedding in his presence in what is probably a first for the city - inside the hospital, in the ailing septuagenarian’s room.

Nailesh alias Ravi was, thus, wedded to Dimple Patidar from Indore at Nidhi Hospital on Thursday. Other patients at the facility participated in the ceremony and gave their blessings to the couple. The ceremony took place without any pomp, of course, or even a stripped-down version of the pandit-fire-phera routine.

The only ritual that was adhered to for the solemn, no-frills occasion was the exchange of garlands, other than the twin wedding musts the mangalsutra and sindur customs. “I am so lucky that I received the blessings of my father-in-law while he is still with us. I had prepared myself for the marriage, keeping in mind the February date. I hadn’t thought it would happen like this. But I am happy,” said Dimple, who came down to the city from Indore for the marriage.

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