'Culprits should be punished'

The 23-year-old woman who was gang-raped four days ago has been communicating by writing notes to her parents. “The culprits should be punished,” she wrote in one note; in another, she enquired after her male friend who had tried to defend her and was beaten, a doctor at Safdarjung Hospital here said.

Doctors have been admiring the young woman’s fortitude and grit, despite the intense pain, “Being a medical student, she understands the treatment process and has been cooperating with the hospital staff. Her lower vagina has been badly damaged, but her upper vagina is not so affected. If she comes out of this crucial phase, she could lead a normal life,” the doctor said, on condition of anonymity.

National outrage: A doctor treating the young woman said she knew her torture and gangrape by six men in a moving bus had left the nation shocked, and that there has been a massive outpouring of grief and expressions of support. Pic/AFP

The victim was serving as an intern at a private hospital in the national capital. The doctor also said that the young woman knew that her torture and gang rape by six men in a moving bus had left the nation shocked, and that there has been a massive outpouring of grief and expressions of support.

“She is aware that MPs, students and women’s rights activists have come out and expressed support for her and the whole nation is outraged,” the doctor said.

Doctors on Wednesday conducted a two-hour surgery to remove a section of the intestine that had become gangrenous.  The woman is still on ventilator support, and “her vital parameters are within expected normalcy”, the doctor said.

The woman and her male friend were assaulted, stripped, robbed and then dumped by the roadside by the six men in a private bus. The torture lasted about 45 minutes.

Victim’s friend identifies one of the rapists
The friend of the victim has identified another accused as one of the rapists during a test identification parade (TIP) held in Tihar Jail yesterday. Mukesh, a driver-cum-cleaner and brother of Ram Singh, co-accused in the gang-rape case, was identified as the rapist by the 28-year-old man, who was also beaten up by the attackers. After confessing his crime before Saket court on Wednesday, Mukesh had agreed to undergo an identification parade. The court had fixed the exercise for yesterday.

‘Worst place to be a woman’
873% Rise in number of rape cases in India from 1953 to 2011

9.7% Increase in rape cases between 2007 and 2011

26% The average conviction rate between 2001 and 2010, in rape cases

75% Culprits that went unpunished between 2002 and 2011 in Delhi

Did you know?
>> Of the 5,337 rape cases in the last decade, in 3,860 the culprits were either acquitted or discharged by courts for lack of “proper” evidence

>> According to Guardian newspaper, of all the G-20 nations, India is the worst place to be a woman.

May take her abroad for treatment: Dikshit
The victim may be taken abroad for medical treatment if needed, Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit said. “Her condition is very critical, she has a lot of injuries.

If there is a need to take her abroad to treat her and save her life, we will not hesitate,” she said. According to doctors who are treating her, the woman is now conscious and in stable condition, but there was danger of infection setting in.

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