Everyone loves receiving gifts, but finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be quite a task. You never know what they might keep with themselves for years to come or what goes to the maid’s house. Say What helps create the perfect gift that isn’t run-off-the-mill and is customised to suit the receiver’s preference.

Started by 26-year-old Jyoti Ahuja, Say What specialises in custom-making gifts that could range from coasters to books starring the recipient. “I would create such gifts for friends and family; that’s how it began. When you give someone a gift based on what they are passionate about, it stays with them for a lifetime,” believes Ahuja.

She first discusses the likes of the individual whom her client wishes to gift and suggests options based on it. “Depending on what they have in mind, I create something to suit their budget. So from the idea to the final execution, we do the job. For a film buff we have created coasters with iconic dialogues, for a travel enthusiast husband we created a book documenting all his travels and so forth,” says Ahuja. Other than customised options Ahuja also has set gifts if you prefer to take a quicker way out, we loved her iPhone icon themed coasters. They deliver across the country.