Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke became an internet sensation when she showed off her sexy moves at the 2012 Junior World Championship in Barcelona.

Michelle Jenneke. Pic/Getty Images
Michelle Jenneke. Pic/Getty Images 

Spectators at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing yesterday were worried that they would not get to see the 22-year-old's pre-race antics.

But luckily that wasn't the case. During her introduction as the camera panned over her, Jenneke did her 'famous' dance moves before zooming her way to the 100m hurdles semi-finals. She finished fourth behind Harper-Nelson in 13.02 seconds.

"I feel like I have been waiting for so long so to actually be there in front of the crowd, it was incredible," Jenneke told The Herald Sun.

"I warmed up the best I have ever felt. I didn't replicate that in the race just then I might have been a little bit over excited, my first world champs, but I think I have more to give tomorrow and I really want to push for a personal best time," she said.