Day 75 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Vishal Karwal gets evicted

Known for escaping the tasks and lying on the sun bed all day long, Vishal ensured that his affection for Sana was missed by none. Bigg Boss did not spare the youngster and made him suffer for his laziness and lethargic behavior by placing him on a stretcher for almost an entire week! This was when the youngster gelled with a few of his male co-contestants like Nirahua and Santosh rather well.

Vishal Karwal and Salman Khan

Vishal and Sana’s love-hate relationship was well understood by both audiences and the housemates alike. However, Karishma’s interference in their relationship did affect their being together, but they managed to stick together as a unit. It was just yesterday that Vishal proposed to date Sana post the show is over. We hope this journey of Bigg Boss has helped Vishal learn a lot more about life than just gaining lady luck unlike his previous reality show stints.  

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