Delhi woman uses pet dog to 'terrorise' neighbour

New Delhi: A woman has accused a neighbour of getting her bitten by her pet dog in South-East Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar area, the police said yesterday. A case has been filed under Section 289 of the IPC, dealing with negligent conduct with respect to animals.

Representation pic/thinkstock
Representation pic/thinkstock

“The incident took place on Sunday around 10.30 pm. Victim Kavita Menghaney lives on the second floor and accused Seema Dutta resides on the first floor of a building in the E block area of Lajpat Nagar II,” said a police official.

Menghaney, in her complaint, claimed that Dutta used to tie her dog outside her house’s gate thus blocking the staircase. When people objected, she would ask them to use the lift. There have been regular arguments over the issue.

“Menghaney said she had problems using the lift as she suffers from claustrophobia. On Sunday night, when she was going down the stairs for a walk, Dutta saw her and directed her dog to attack her. The dog bit Menghaney on the leg,” the official said. She was rushed to Safdarjung Hospital where she was discharged after treatment.



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