We put a lot of thought in buying a mobile phone. There are so many things that go into consideration: screen size, RAM, storage capacity, pixel density, procesor, after sales service, accessories, battery power, looks, cost, etc.

For most of us, a mobile phone is more than just a gadget. It’s a style statement, an extension of our identity. So, its only natural that you would put, if not an equal but some thought before buying a case for your smartphone.

And ideally, it would be something that matches with your personality. Keeping this innate desire to personalise things we like, DailyObjects.com is offering a range of designer mobile phone cases.

You can pick either from their pre-existing designs — featuring superheroes and pop culture icons to cool artworks and expressions from the world’d most poular designers — or make one yourself.

The website supports most of the popular models (around 75), and offer more than 1000 designs.

Log on to: Dailyobjects.com